Virtual Game Collector

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the official page of the Virtual Game Collector application!

This is a video of the upcoming FREE Virtual Game Collector program!
  • What is Virtual Game Collector?

Have you ever wanted to display your Video Game collection on shelves but with its box art facing out and not by its spine? VGC creates a ‘Virtual’ room within a program and allows you to walk around in a first-person view. Pretend that you are in a store, and proudly display your whole collection and walk around in it.

  • Virtual Game Collector Program Features

%100 FREE!!
Walk around a ‘Virtual’ room
Display over 1,400+ games spanning multiple systems
High-Resolution Display
Sort by multiple different ways, including genre and Metacritic score

Sort your collection by title, genre, release date, review score, and a whole lot more!

Although The Virtual Game Collector Software is FREE, in order to make it feature-rich I must support myself! ANYTHING HELPS! Please Click on the Image to make a small Donation!
  • How much is Virtual Game Collector?

VGC is completely FREE! I do not think that in its current state the program should be charged for. That is where you come in! I would LOVE to release a complete fully functional program with a ton of features in the future. A place to show off your systems, look at the back of the box. Customize your own game room, complete with colors, posters, different types of shelves, achievements and emulator functionality, High graphical fidelity, and tons more!