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How to not get bored of / stay invested in World of Warcraft

Hello everyone, in my gaming life I’ve seen people play the same game every day for hours and years and still keep coming back to it. I wondered, how can I do that? So, I set out to not get bored of one of my favorite games of all time,

The Bee Team – A look at World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth’s mini Quest Line

Seeing how much work the developers over at Blizzard put into making World of Warcraft is amazing and much appreciated. Brimming at the seams filled with quests they can’t all be winners. Sometimes though, SOMETIMES a little quest line is very enjoyable. This is my tale of the Battle for

Nearly 14 years later, World of Warcraft is still among my top 3 games of all time!

Making a top 10 games of all time would be hard for me, I don’t even know if I have that many games to love (probably) but one thing for sure World of Warcraft would be in my top 3, and this is why. MocoMoco has held a controller ever since