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Trying to beat Final Fantasy VI for the first time! My Impressions!

Although I’ve made it far and have seen the ending, I have never beaten Final Fantasy VI on the Super Nintendo. Truthfully, I’ve probably only made it a little into the World of Ruin part. MocoMoco has held a controller ever since the Atari 2600 days, to the current PlayStation

Torchlight III 3 Early Access – Character Creation Video

Torchlight III ( 3 ) was released today on June 13, 2020, here is a quick video I made, highlighting the character creation process. There are currently four different classes and three different kinds of pets, this is not a complete look at character creation but was done quickly just

First Impressions – Octopath Traveler – The First 25 Hours

Along comes a game that shakes up the RPG scene, with 8 different main characters and an art style that blends 16bit with new age graphics, I’m holding Octopath┬áTraveler right up there with my favorites like Lunar: Eternal Blue and the Final Fantasy series. MocoMoco has held a controller ever