ODROID XU4 File Tutorial

Here are the files from our youtube video tutorial on setting up an ODROID XU4. Below is the tutorial so you do not have to download anything, the package is optional. It is available here:

Hello everyone, I’m here to provide a Tutorial on how to add BIOS files and Games to your o-droid XU4 system. We provide a short and easy, straight to the point, tutorial. Download the package file from http://moco.net and the operating system for the XU4 from The Retro Arena website both links are in the description below.
We do not provide the actual system BIOS file, but using google to search for it is very easy.
On to the tutorial:

1. Install balenaEtcher (included in the package file or website link down below)

2. Insert your MicroSD card in the writer.

3. Run balenaEtcher software

4. Click ‘Select image’ go to where you saved the Retro Arena OS img file (make sure the file is unzipped and that it’s an .img file, you are writing.)

5. Click ‘Select drive’ go to your MicroSD drive letter and select it.

6. Click ‘Flash’ let it finish writing and then validating.

7. All set, the OS is ready and your System is now ready to use!

Now on to part 2 of the tutorial, installing the game system emulator BIOS and Games / (slash) roms.

1. Connect your o-Droid XU4 system to your network, via ethernet wire or usb wi-fi dongle.

2. Go to ‘Network’ and look for your system (as shown in the pic), in my case the system was called ‘ODROID’ click that.

3. This is the root of your System aka MicroSD Card.

4. Move the BIOS files you downloaded from the internet (found using google), into the BIOS folder in your Network System.

5. Move games you have on your PC to your ODROID (System) on your Network. Move them into the Roms folder.

Congratulations, you are now ready to play games! Hopefully it was easy enough to follow and if you have any suggestions please feel free to ask! Thanks for listening!