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Free Audio Coach – Guaranteed One Mile in under 15 Minutes – FREE MP3 Download!

Moco Running in New Bedford

Are you a beginning runner? Want to run a mile in under 15 minutes guaranteed? I created a Free Audio Coach-styled audio clip that tells you when to run and when to walk, with 15-second reminders so you don’t have to constantly look at your watch. It’s in MP3 format, just visit from your phone and download it via the link provided.

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How to access the Conquest of Azeroth PTR, Ascension, A World of Warcraft Private Server with 21 unique Classes!

So you purchased the Conquest of Azeroth Alpha and don’t know how to access it. Here are 8 easy steps to get the PTR game client going for the World of Warcraft, Ascension Private Server.

Step #1: Go to the main Ascension website ( and click on ‘Store’

Step #2: Login

Step #3: Select the Rexxar Server

Step #4: Click on the CoA Bundle that you want. They Cost 100DK points that you can purchase for about $35.00

Step #5: Log into the bundle’s server you just bought and log in to the character.

Step#6: Go to the nearest mailbox and loot all of the mail.

Step #7: In your inventory, there will now be an item that unlocks the PTR option on your launcher. Just go ahead and hover over every item in your bags, it should say what it does.

Step #8: Now log out and go to your launcher, the PTR option should be right above the play button.

Thanks for reading, hopefully, this helped someone out!

Windows 11 – XBOX Game Pass error – 0x80070490 fix!

Here is how to fix the Windows 11, XBOX Game Pass 0x80070490 error. The one that stops you from downloading games. Here is the way to fix the error in 16 easy steps! Before I continue let me note of two places that explain how the fix works, and how to fix it with their methods. I am just providing an alternate tutorial.

  1. Youtube Video Link, jump to 6:43:
  2. Reddit Post:

Continue on to see my very own tutorial:

  1. First visit the Microsoft website to download the Media Creation Tool, that creates a Windows 11 ISO file. Link:

2. Scroll down and click on ‘Create Windows 11 Installation Media’ as seen in the following picture:

3. Once the ISO is finished downloading, right click the Windows11.ISO and click ‘Mount’

4. Then click This PC, and there will be a drive with the Windows11 ISO file mounted, it should look like this.

5. Open the drive and run setup.exe
6. Click Change how Setup downloads updates
7. Click the ‘Not right now’ button and then click the ‘Next’ Button

8. It will then check your PC, this may take a few minutes.
9. Click the ‘Next’ Button
10. It will say ‘Making sure you’re ready to install’
11. A few more minutes is needed for this part to complete.
12. Click ‘Change what to keep’

13. In the Choose what to keep screen, click the ‘Keep personal files and apps’ button.

14. Click the ‘Next’ button.
15. The ‘Ready to Install’ screen will now appear.
16. Click the ‘Install’ button and you are golden!

Windows 11 will now reinstall just the files it needs to, and your XBOX Game Pass app should now be fixed, note* if you are still getting errors make sure you have enough disk space to install the game, or check the error details to see if a different error comes up.

Thanks for reading!