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Collectin’ Moco – TMNT Mutant Mayhem @ Wal-Mart – $9.97

I’m on the hunt! I’m trying to collect every TMNT figure from my childhood and some Mutant Mayhem figures. (Within Reason…)

Ninja Turtles were my go-to toys back in the day, and I had a bunch of them. With Donatello being my favorite because, hey, I loved technology and so did he! So, although I’m not going all out buying every turtle toy in sight, I will pick some up at my leisure, or better yet, my wallet’s leisure.

Let me start with my first Mutant Mayhem figure, Donatello. This is my first figure in the Mutant Mayhem series and it consists of a total of nine.

P.S. I lost 10$ at the self-checkout when I inserted a bill and forgot to take my change… not a good thing.