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Free Audio Coach – Guaranteed One Mile in under 15 Minutes – FREE MP3 Download!

Free Audio Coach – Guaranteed One Mile in under 15 Minutes – FREE MP3 Download!

Moco Running in New Bedford

Are you a beginning runner? Want to run a mile in under 15 minutes guaranteed? I created a Free Audio Coach-styled audio clip that tells you when to run and when to walk, with 15-second reminders so you don’t have to constantly look at your watch. It’s in MP3 format, just visit from your phone and download it via the link provided.

I’ll be using this clip for the time being, first I’ll run a slow pace, then I’ll walk a slow pace, and as the days go on, I’ll speed up and improve my time. I’m thinking this will last a good few weeks to a month of steady improvement before I’m ready to move on to a new clip, which I’ll also release here. I’ll also be posting my mile times here consistently to track my progress.

Here is the download link, It’s in MP3 Audio Format.

One Mile Run Times

01/11/24 – 12:02
01/10/24 – 11:05 – Final Sprint was about 3 minutes long, pretty hard.
01/06/24 – 12:38
01/04/24 – 12:41
12/28/23 – 13:06 – Raining Out, Maybe it slowed me down?
12/26/23 – 12:53 –
12/24/23 – 13:19 – Followed the audio completely!
12/23/23 – 13:57 –
Great Run!
12/22/23 – 13:51 –
Great Run!
12/17/23 – 14:26 – Followed the audio but took 3-minute walks instead of 2.
12/16/23 – 15:19 I didn’t exactly follow the audio.
12/15/23 – 15:38 – I didn’t exactly follow the audio. More frequent breaks.



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