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Games like Space Rangers HD, Star Valor, StarSector, and More!

Games like Space Rangers HD, Star Valor, StarSector, and More!

Every time I get the itch to play Space Rangers HD again, I go on and search for more games like it. In part to see if any have beaten it in design, more so because I love games of this type and would like to see if anything new is brought to the table. Read on to find a list I put together scoured from the internet.

Space Rangers HD (Very Positive) (4820)

The game that started it all for me. I’ve played it countless times but never completed a full run. I play these games mostly as a trader, it’s where I have the most fun. There’s a lot to be said about its gameplay loop, do missions, travel across galaxies, save up, buy a new ship or equipment, and make your mark.

Space Rangers HD melds a few different genres into one, besides being a space sim, it is also a real-time strategy game and features old-school text adventure scenarios as well. The RTS part of the game isn’t too fleshed out but it’s fun nonetheless. You summon custom robots at your CPU-controlled enemy. Custom as in, you pick from the chassis, weapons, and the like. These battles can last a little too long for my tastes though, it’s a good thing they are mostly optional.

Starsim (Alpha Demo Available)

Just about a carbon copy of Space Rangers HD, but, that’s not a bad thing. When I first saw this game I jumped with glee at the prospect of getting a newer, shiner, version of SRHD, there is a (Alpha) demo out on Steam which you can find here: Starsim on Steam ( I haven’t played a lot but I’m impressed with the little I’ve seen. It has a pretty solid foundation, where it differs from Rangers, is that the developer intends to add elements from Star Traders as well, the character creator is already in the game.

The developer hangs out in Discord and answers fans’ questions. Discord is here:

  • From here on out the descriptions will get shorter as I have not given them the time I feel they need, some of these games may just look like Space Rangers, and others I’ve compiled from reading forums on the internet. They will include their Steam review ratings and the number of people who reviewed them.

List of 2D Space Sim Games

  • StarSector – ($15) –
  • Star Valor ($24.99) (Very Positive) (2209)
  • Endless Sky (Free) (Very Positive) (6081)
  • Star Nomad ($0.99)(Mixed) (37)
  • Star Nomad 2 ($12.99) (Mixed) (137)
  • VoidExpanse ($14.99) (Mixed) (552)
  • The Last Federation ($19.99)(Mostly Positive) (360)
  • Drox Operative 2 ($19.99) (Very Positive) (215)
  • Starcom: Nexus ($19.99) (Very Positive) (1657)
  • Star Control: Origins ($29.99) (Mostly Positive) (1880) – Has 3D Elements in it
  • Wayward Terran Frontier ($29.99) (Mixed) (382)
  • Escape Velocity Series (Free) Download Page: Escape Velocity (
  • Transcendence ($14.99) (Very Positive) (171)
  • 3030 Deathwar Redux ($14.99) (Very Positive) (988)
  • Space Pirates and Zombies ($9.99) (Very Positive) (2109)

A very good and active forum I’ve found, can be seen here: A Comparison of Open 2D Space Games | Video Games Open | RPGnet Forums



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