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World of Warcraft: Transmog Edition Part DEUX!

World of Warcraft: Transmog Edition Part DEUX!

World of Warcraft’s Transmog system is AMAZING, I can waste an hour in an instant just playing around trying to make the perfect armor set. Here is my second armor set entitled (and this changes all of the time)… The Brown Machine!

World of Warcraft – The Brown Machine

I sat there and I fiddled, and this is what I came up with. I didn’t want to go with an evil-looking, or a noisy helm, just something plain. I played with the different parts, changing up the whole character several times.

I’m not too familiar with Dragonflight armor but I’m pretty sure this set uses a lot of those assets. I like the barbaric tone of this one.

Soon, I’ll do a write-up on my Transmogrification process.

The Brown Machine
The Machines… Erm Brown Backside…



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