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Moco takes it… HARDCORE! A World of Warcraft Harcore Mode Experience!

Moco takes it… HARDCORE! A World of Warcraft Harcore Mode Experience!

That’s right, you’ve read it! Moco takes it… HARDCORE! A new series based on the classic server Hardcore mode. How far will I get before I die? Who knows?!?! Join me for my first installment, click on!

I’m taking it Hardcore!


I decided to take a crack at World of Warcraft’s Hardcore mode they released way back on August 24th, 2023. I won’t be very good at it but I did it anyway because, hey, WoW is my favorite game of all time and I love having a reason to go back to the Vanilla days.

The series will document my entire playtime up until I die, and I will die I just don’t know how/when/who/what/ or why.

Stories based on questlines will not be told, as it was in my Fifty Copper series I did a few years back, and it will probably be comical.

Stay Tuned.

Oh yeah… and I’ll be using AI Pictures to better tell the story!

Still taking it Hardcore!

November 22nd, 2023. I create a character on a WoW hardcore server. I created a Warrior just like my very first character way back in 2004. This time if I die, my character dies for good. It’s the rules of the hardcore mode.

I just want to experience something of a community the way I did in 2004. Seeing the same people out in the field, getting to know people and not to mention a new feeling, Risk.

If I’m about to run a dungeon, I’m going to have to make sure there are no appliances running at the same time and everything is cool for the duration, if not I’m screwed if we have a power outage. Let’s get down to business.


I’m using the bare minimum amount of add-ons for this.

  1. VoiceOver (Classic)
  2. Bagnon
  3. Questie
  4. VendorPrice
  5. Threat Plates

Logging in for the First Time

I log in to a familiar place, it’s Northshire! The start of my journey. I pose for the camera real quick and head to the local vendor.

I immediately see tons of people on and the chat is bumpin’ with people, that’s already a good sign because if it’s November and the servers went live in late August, that means the new mode is a success. Off to get acclimated.

What made me love this game is still there, its heart and soul, still there. The gameplay is fun, passing an hour in an instant. I’m told to go kill wolves, and then head back to the quest givers. Here is what’s new to the game, Voice Overs for the Quest Givers! Someone developed an addon (VoiceOver (Classic)) for the game and now every bit of quest text has a voiceover, it works wonders for immersion.

Moco vs The Kobolds

Moco vs. the Kobolds

My next set of quests is to kill Kobold’s, so off I go. One after the other they go down, but the NPC ain’t satisfied first it’s Vermins then I go back to the Quest Giver.

Moco vs The Kobolds – Part 2

The Real Deal vs Kobolds

But he’s not satisfied… He wants more Kobolds killed! First, it was Vermins, then it was Workers, and finally, it was Laborers. With a job well done I’m off to the next town. Goldshire.

Do You Know the Way to Goldshire?

Looks like I’m done with all the quests here in Northshire so it’s off to Goldshire I go!

Off to Goldshire…

Then I realized I didn’t do all of my quests in Northshire…

Back to Northshire I Go…

The Deer Race!

Some guy wants me to make quick work of some Defias bullies and grab like 12 bandanas, so here I am charging at them, but wait, what’s this??? a deer?? I pass by it at the speed of light!

It’s a photo finish, who wins this race???
It’s a RACE!!!

Bandana’s Make me Smarter

After racing the deer, (I Won). I had to kill some Defias for the bandanas they wear over their mouths, so I make quick work of them, and now I can finally head to Goldshire, as soon as I get there I’m going to hop right into a bed at the local inn and sleep.

I say goodbye to everyone in the chat and run off to Goldshire, but it seems like Northshire isn’t it’s own chat now so I make myself look like a fool and tell everyone.

I run to Goldshire…

Goldshire Days…

Sleeping @ the Goldshire Inn

All of a sudden what do you know… My character gets up.

He sleepwalks into the woods… and a bear shows up!

I took it hardcore… Here lays Moco. Who took it Hardcore. The End.

I just wanted to make a new character.



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