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ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoes from a flat feet perspective. Improved my run time!

ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoes from a flat feet perspective. Improved my run time!

I have flat feet and this is my story and my review of using cheap 20$ shoes and then the ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoes , how great the difference is, and yes it makes all the difference in the world, I’m highly happy with them. Click down below for my full review.

Hi, this is my sneaker story and how it helped me run a ton more than I usually did.

I’ve been going to the gym for a month now and as the days went on, I decided to walk on my off days for one hour, which at first equaled about 3.45 to 3.70 miles, I’d set my timer for 30 minutes and once it went off I’d just turn around and go back. I didn’t run at the beginning except once or twice. On my gym days, I evolved from 10 minutes to 20 minutes and these would be at a 3.5 speed for 20 minutes, I’m not sure of the distance.

Then I got my new shoes in…
Then I started running again…

I ordered the ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoes – That retailed for $119.25. The link to buy them is here: Look at shoes by clicking on this blue link or by clicking on the name of the shoe above.

As soon as I received this pair of shoes, everything changed. I don’t mean that in a “HA HA EVERYTHING CHANGED HA HA” kind of tone, I mean that in a seriously, everything changed. As soon as I got them I saw their beautiful cloud design sticking out from underneath, it looked like the name of the shoe… a cloud. They were so light in weight too, I immediately put them on.

I instantly felt the cloud part of the shoe, the molding of my feet to this shoe, my mom even said I looked taller, later on, I’d find out, they just needed some breaking in to get you back down to size. The first thing I wanted to do was take them out for a spin, and much to my surprise I ran on and off for the first time on my gym off day for about 3.78 miles in 60 minutes, a personal best and I can definitely say that, yes, the shoes make an absolute HUGE difference.

As of this post, my record for running with them is 4.09 miles in 60 minutes, compared to the before mileage. My 20-minute record is about 1 mile in 13:30 minutes, a record up from my previous best, 14:09. Obviously the more I go to the gym and run, the faster I’m going to get, but this was a legit increase.

Let’s get back to how the shoe feels, it feels like you are walking on a cloud yes, and when your toes pivot to kick off the ground, the shoes help kick you off as they are designed to pivot with the way you walk. Imagine as you walk if you could feel the thrust of the shoe when you kick off them as you walk and how that can help you with walking or running. It was amazing.

I’m coming off cheap shoes too so that could be the reason why the upgrade I felt was so drastic. I’m a 20$ to 60$ shoe man, I care about the cleanliness and the design more than I care about comfort. See, I tried using a regular shoe to run and do regular walks but my feet would hurt and weirdly my legs would hurt too. With the ASICS Men’s Gel-Nimbus 25, my legs don’t hurt but my feet do sometimes and this is where the bad comes in and I’m certain it’s because I have flat feet.

The Bad.

Yes, I have flat feet, when I walk I use my whole foot, usually, people have arches, at least that’s what I understand of it. There are shoes that say… let’s say size 10-wide or 10-xtra-wide. I bought a pair of normal shoes.

After doing an hour of running most of my feet had no soreness at all, but the insides of my feet did, they hurt. For example, my left foot hurt on the inside to the outer middle right of it, and my right foot, left side middle to the outer side of it. The outer opposite ends, my toes, and my heels all felt great. I’m pretty certain this is due to flat feet as when I walk I can literally put my hand on my foot and feel it bulging out the side.

I’ve put in an order for the wide version, and I should receive it soon. Hopefully, this fixes my biggest issue, but if not, I’m still totally fine with using this shoe. Over the course of the next few months, I’m going to be trying the wide and the extra-wide versions of different shoes to see how they stack up with each other.

I give this pair of shoes a 9 out of 10. They are game-changers, extremely comfy, and I can walk on them for hours, the only down side isn’t a fault of theirs, it’s my flat feet, but there are shoes for that. Thank You for reading.

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