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The Invincible Iron Man #3 – Review

The Invincible Iron Man #3 – Review

It’s heating up for this comic book series. Spoiler-heavy review inside…

The first thing I did while reading this page-turning comic was pay attention to the artwork more, as I stated I was going to do in my last review. It works, it’s serviceable, well drawn, gets the point across, and in my opinion above average.

Tony Stark’s friend was found dead by suicide using Stark Tech. This was a blow to Tony as this guy controlled a majority stake in the Stark company and was a good guy at that. We get a flashback to one of their meetings complete with mullet and old-school Iron Man suit design. This took place during the first Armor Wars and we get to see some of the suit designs of the early era.

A fight ensues, and Rhodes shows up in his advanced helicopter and they make quick work of the bad guys. Stark and Rhodey then visit Stark Industries to see what they are up to and pick the biggest funded room to barge into.

Inside, much to their surprise is this huge capsule, kind of like the one The Living Laser was experimented on. (See Invincible Iron Man #2 review, I get to do this now too!) They open it up and BAM! It’s a clone of the Iron Man suit and another fight happens. Iron Man and Rhodes team up to take him down and to their surprise… it’s the most authentic living decoy they have ever seen, it’s another TONY STARK! He ends up dying by face his face melting off and spits out some incoherent psycho babble and the real Tony asks Rhodes to stay away from him for now and that he knows exactly where to go now. End of Issue.

Awww another comic read another review finished. This one seemed to run pretty damn quick, we went from a suicide to a flashback, to an Armor Wars battle, to Stark Industries, to a much-loved doppelganger battle, to a skin melt-off. Issue over.

As I said I ended up paying attention to the artwork and the artist, Juan Frigeri is doing a bang-up job here. Like 9/10 bang up. The story flowed well, well enough to make it feel like I only spent five minutes reading the whole thing. Again, I’m excited to see where the story is heading even though the flash of the next villain leaves much to be desired, Feilong. A red-skinned man with white hair and a white suit who lives internationally. Until next time!

The Invincible Iron Man #3 – 8.5/10

  • Written October 22nd, 2023



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