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How to EQ the Sennheiser HD8XXs – An easy to read guide!

How to EQ the Sennheiser HD8XXs – An easy to read guide!

In this post, I’ll show you how to EQ the Sennheiser HD8XX using two programs. Equalizer APO and Peace Equalizer, interface Equalizer APO. Read on for instructions…

So you’ve got yourself a pair of the Sennheiser HD8XXs and want to know how to EQ them or in other words how to use an Equalizer program to EQ them to your exact hearing, or to the specifications of the much more expensive HD800s. Let’s get down to business.

1.) Go into Google and search for Equalizer APO and download it, the direct link is here: Equalizer APO download |

2.) Go into Google and search for Peace APO and download it, the direct link is here: Peace Equalizer, interface Equalizer APO download |

3.) Install Equalizer APO first.

4.) While setting up, a screen will pop up with a bunch of unchecked boxes, check off the boxes that you will be listening to sound from. (see pic)

5.) Reboot your PC, as prompted by the program.

6.) When PC is booted back up, install/run the setup file for ‘PeaceSetup’ (.exe)

7.) It should say that Equalizer APO is already installed in green letters. (see pic.)

8.) Click the ‘Install’ button.

9.) BAM! Now a button below ‘Install’ appears, the ‘Start Peace’ button. Click it!

10.) A prompt appears to ask you if you want to overwrite a config file, click yes as it’s your first time installing these programs.

11.) Next click on the ‘Full Interface”, as we want more control over our EQ.

12.) You are now done, you can EQ your HD8XX to your own personal preference. There are a ton of options to choose from, Good Luck!

In my next post, I’ll go over how to actually add other people’s presets to make them sound more like their more expensive counterpart, the HD800s, again it’s all to personal preference, but there’s nothing like finding that perfect preset.

Thanks for reading!



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