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The Invincible Iron Man #2 – Review

The Invincible Iron Man #2 – Review

The Review for The Invincible Iron Man #2. I go full into detail with major spoilers in tow. Click the ‘Read More’ button to continue… Thanks!

We last left Tony Stark in tons of garbage bags passed out. #2 continues right from the end of #1 which I like, with Stark making the news and trending on TikTok, got to love those pop culture references that will have us shaking our heads in twenty years. Ironheart aka RiRi Williams finds Stark and takes him back to his house. Meanwhile, on that same television program that was reporting him, a villain appears demanding Iron Man meet him.

Ironheart and Iron Man give into The Living Laser’s demands and head to the old Avengers house, The Living Laser claims Tony captured and experimented on him, but Tony says nothing to this and they battle for a bit. Iron Man seemingly loses and that’s where Ironheart steps in, to take a look into Laser’s mind using the Mandarin’s rings, with RiRi having the rings being something Stark is dead set against.

Inside his mind, they find out that Tony Stark did indeed show up, tazer him, and had his goons kidnap and torture the Laser, the thing is, these are actually his real memories, and Tony doesn’t remember doing that either, further building on the “Who is after Tony Stark?” aspect of the story so far. The Living Laser leaves and tells Stark to call him if he finds out who is behind this, Ironheart leaves as well. Mr. Stark has one more person he can count on, and then we see some panels showing just who that is.

Mr. Stark has one more person he can call, that he can count on for some help. It shows us his current state and I love it when comics or any kind of media end like this.

This issue was simple, it had a simple job to do, and it did it pretty well. Not much happened, yet I was entertained the whole way through. The battle between Iron Man and The Living Laser was just alright and I’d say the artwork is serviceable, but I’m going to have to keep my eye on that going on from here. I also read a quip and found out important information, Tony Stark is broke because he used all of his fortune to buy black-market weapons, interesting stuff.

The way this issue ends is great, it elevates the whole book, Iron Man’s next guy he can count on is shown, dead… the irony. (heh)

Spider-Man may be my favorite comic book hero, but right now Iron Man has been my top page-turner ever since I got into it in 2022.

Usually, I let the comic digest before I give it a score, but off the top of my head, I give…

The Invincible Iron Man #2 – 8/10



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