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Journaling: The 5/3/1,, Introducing…, My City, and self-improvement. ::EXHALES::

Journaling: The 5/3/1,, Introducing…, My City, and self-improvement. ::EXHALES::

My friends call me Moço, I’m in my 40s, overweight, and have some medical problems. Some days are great and others not so much and it’s a one-day-at-a-time situation for me, and that’s okay, I’m fine with it.

I needed a lot of guidance and a lot of self-reflection. Did I say needed? I meant I still do. I also live right near the beach and it’s the perfect city to live in. Law enforcement is unintrusive and friendly, the state of the city is something I’m comfortable with and it has been for just about all of my life. If more people knew about it, it would be a tourist’s dream, but there’s a town about forty minutes away that attracts all of that attention, among many others. We even had a movie made here.

We have our parks, night spots, restaurants, and tons of history. This city shaped me.

I’ve owned for just about 24 years, at the beginning, it was just a site to inflate my ego, then it turned into a site for my friends and I to read stories about us growing up, and now it’s a personal blog that I use to write about everything. Passion included, Video Games.

I enjoy writing, I actually really love the craft of it, but I don’t know a lot about it. I’m definitely not ready to call my way of jotting an art, at least not from my writing style perspective. It is indeed an art though. I started writing as a kid and then took a huge break, came back, wrote badly, tuned and tuned, still tuning. Amazingly, writing is something that you can get better at, even thirty years after starting.

My favorite game of all time is World of Warcraft, with Mega Man 2 being a close second. Street Fighter 6 recently took the top position as my number-one fighting game of all time. It’s that good. I also love games that try different things. Remember Uniracers? Virtual Pinball? Out of this World/Another World? I loved Mario Paint too.

As a kid, I was tortured by my friends having Super Nintendo and me being stuck with a Sega Genesis, but I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. It was the Role Playing Games that I yearned for, but I had the Sega CD, including my favorite RPG of all time, Lunar: Eternal Blue that my boy sold me for twenty dollars. Had that 32X too, shout out to J&J Videogames, a yardsale/mom & pop style store where I would get most of my games.

My next big thing, a hugely anticipated game, the second coming, is Spider-Man 2, this Friday. I should get on track by getting on track.

I want real body energy, to feel good naturally, real strength. Later I want to be able to run a mile in a reasonable time, maybe actually compete in running. I always mess up but not this time, not the umpteenth time, this time I’m flying solo, but not forever. If I can do this on my own with a personal goal of about one to two months then I’ll be fine.

Today was day one, week two of my hybrid 5/3/1 program, hybrid because my gym isn’t one of those state-of-the-art spots, it’s an average place and it doesn’t have every machine that the 5/3/1 requires so I took the instructions of Jim Wendler and applied it to the equipment that I have to make do with. At the end of the week, I actually end up working out fifteen more exercises, I can feel just about every muscle getting targeted.

I’m even counting calories.

I have before pictures but I won’t dare post them until some sort of after pictures are there.

With that, I am finished rambling. The ramble post is over. I just want to…

Make this a routine.



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