The issue starts off with Iron Man seemingly on top of his game, despite a setback that kills an innocent 70-year-old lady, and getting sued left and right. Tony Stark isn’t addicted to alcohol anymore, he’s kind of a loner. Still an asshole, but a funny one at that. With an example being that he’d laugh knowing his neighbor would be dead because he doesn’t even know who that person is.

The explosion puts Mr. Stark in the hospital where he’s still good enough friends with Rhody and Captain America (they show up).

Looking back, maybe Iron Man isn’t on top of his game, not financially at least, just having his shit together-wise. Stark’s got it where it counts. He might not have his massive fortune but at least he’s still alcohol-free, attending AA meetings, and has a few good friends backing him up.

A fight breaks out with some kind of drone, at least that’s what he thinks that he’s fighting, and just about when Tony is about to decimate him, it turns out the drone has a kidnapped man inside him. It’s a cool little twist, one that I didn’t expect, given the flow of the comic up until this point. I love me twists, no matter how small and/or subtle they may be. The kidnapped man is taken to the hospital immediately.

The next few frames have Tony drinking juice at the site of his blown-up building, following him waking up at a pub, and then passing out. That’s where the issue ends.

— Thoughts

This issue flowed well, the artwork was decent nothing eye-popping but again just had a nice flow to it. It was text heavy which I like sometimes and I find it key to setting up a new story. I like that although Tony isn’t really said to be massively rich, he’s still rich where it counts, being sober and having good friends who have his back. Priceless.

The drone battle that I thought would be filler content ended up having a little cool surprise to it, I actually thought it would be a drone too, so I was surprised. Again, I’m a bit of a twist freak. Before I read this comic I did read a spoiler on the beginnings of it, so I know what to expect, and I HATE spoilers but it’s going to be a cool ride to see how Stark handles what’s in store for him.

Overall I rate this comic a 8 out of 10. 8/10

By moco82

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