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4 Stocks in the Video Game industry & Movie Industry to look out for in 2024 and 2025. Just about guaranteed.

I decided to look into the stock market for stock prices that can actually make you money in my field, video games.

These are just my predictions, please don’t take them as actual guarantees. I’m trying out predictions for the first time. In 18 months, i’ll check to see if I was right.

Update: 4/16/2024 – It took me about 90 minutes to do a very basic ‘surface’ scan, if I have time I’d like to deep analyze these stocks to see if I can exactly predict, the best time to actually invest and to sell. Every few months I’ll come back to update the current price on each stock to see how on track I am.

Onto the predictions, advice:

A BoardGame is coming… It’s Coming Soon…

Untitled Sci Fi/Fantasy Hybrid (Best of Both Worlds) Board Game with modular board pieces for unique random game experiences each playthrough if there is enough demand. Various Creature Game Pieces, Dungeon Master Style Gameplay, Various Die, Custom 3d Printed Characters, Tons of Money Objects, Custom Art, Custom Rules, Dungeons and Dragons Influenced on 2-23-24, 10:00am, project fullly conceptualized around 8:30pm, using pyschological elements, custom turn dial, special dungeon master pieces, boss creatures, arena to battle boss creatures or players, bet coins, all ideas belonging to M. M. 

  • edit: with enough pledges, potential story written by a famous author