World of Warcraft – DragonFlight – Wallpapers for Windows!

Hello everyone, the DRAGONFLIGHT hype is real! I’ve created a zip file with 23+ pictures to let Microsoft Windows to auto-change every so often (10 Minutes in mine).

I’m hyping up the next World of Warcraft expansion: DragonFlight the fullest, I’ve created a winrar zip and you can download it below. There are 25 pictures total, all of them actual in-game graphics. I hope you enjoy!

Below is the winRAR URL to download a rar file with 25 DragonFlight wallpaper images (in-game screenshots).

World of Wacraft – Dragonflight – 25 images – 89MB – Created 8-14-22

How to customize Windows 11 to show an image every 10 minutes:

#0 – unzip/extract the Dragonflight winrar/RAR file by right clicking it. (Save this location)
#1. – right click your desktop and click personalize.
#2. – click the background tab
#3. – click ‘browse’ to the right of the text – “Choose a picture album for a slideshow”
#4. – Select where you saved the unzipped DF WINRAR file
#5. – Click on the folder and click on “Choose this folder” on the bottom of the window screen
#6 – select your desired change of image by clicking the drop down box to select the times.
#7. – That’s it! You are good to go!! Thanks for vising!

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