Grid Legends competing against Gran Turismo 7, was it worth it?

I was going to avoid Grid Legends because although I love circuit racing, what I don’t like is driving super-cars, cars that I can’t afford or will even have the chance to drive in my life-time. I took a chance with this one and it paid off, I’m actually loving it. The FMV story-line feels like a call back to the Sega CD, it took me back to my old days, hot summers in an AC-less house playing away the afternoons. That’s a good thing. But one question sits… Why drop this one on us now? A week before the juggernaut Gran Turismo 7 destroys everything in it’s path. Let’s get into it.

Why would you release this now? I’m not trying to complain because I really do like this game and I’m glad I have something to tie me over until GT7 releases, but I don’t think I’m with the masses on this one. You have to strategically place game releases and this one just doesn’t make sense. Was it because it’s more arcade like and EA thought it was for a different audience? Is there room for more than one racing title?

I think most people are able to afford a few games a year so they have to think about where to place their hard earned money. When a game like Gran Turismo 7 releases, people know about it. It’s one of those popular enough titles that kind of breeches into the main stream. Not like a Mario title but well enough, probably the most well known racing game. The last entry in the series was released about five years ago too, it’s one of those games that you know they worked hard on. Back to Grid Legends.

I’ve tried going online with this and it’s really unfortunate, almost no-one is online, maybe they’re all playing the story mode, realistically, this game probably just isn’t selling. I love my competition even though I suck at racing online, I still enjoy the sport of it.

Think about it, obviously the developers put hard work into this, it shows when playing it. The graphics are amazing and in my opinion better than the latest Forza. Again, I’d def want to play this now but I think a delay of a few months might of brought in more sales. This game is fun as hell and it control’s great. It deserves good sales.

That’s off my chest now, I hope I’m wrong, in my opinion there’s room for more than just one racing game. But, am I in the minority? Good Luck!

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