Oh man, the Elden Ring hype is real, going in completely blind & I suck. Allow me to vent!

I’m mad excited, so please excuse this post. I’m just so looking forward to release and need to vent, Here we go!

OoOoOoOh Pretty!

Dammmn, I’m a HUGE Souls-like fan even though I always get stuck in them and go into this crazy farming mode to power up, I still love the shit out of the experience it gives you.

The original Demon Souls is the reason why I traded mad games in to get a PS3 console. The whole concept of this game just appeals to the old school gamer in me. Get good, replay until you learn the enemies pattern. This shit reminds me of being a kid and playing on my original Nintendo system. Classics like Contra, Rush n Attack, Ninja Gaiden, etc.

I hope if I can get to a place and I can’t manage to beat it, I hope I can just explore the world and find another place to take on. Games of this type always stump me too, with the most recent game Sifu straight up re-ignited my love for difficult games of this type.

To see a game of this type that basically says fuck you if you can’t play by it’s rules get a 97 is awesome to see too. Just think of how hard a score that is to achieve in this era of videogames. We don’t get near perfect reviews of games this often either.

I’ve managed to stay away from pretty much everything besides the basics, I know that it’s open world, and the game of thrones writer helped somewhat. That’s all I know.

I am ready! I got a friend to co-op with, I’m getting to GameStop right before it opens, I’m good to go.

Whose with me?

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