Playing Fortnite with my nephew, memories in the making!

I introduced my nephew to Fortnite a few weeks back, but the truth is he probably already knew more about it than I can ever hope to know. He loves videogames and if I can share playing games with him I’ll do it. Games for kids are different posts altogether but let’s get on with it.

We play duo’s and take breaks with creative mode. I have my main television and a small one beside it so we can play side by side. As we play, we communicate what we’re seeing and doing, most of the time with hilarious results. When we hear a car or hear footsteps yelling ensues, it feels like playing Halo 2 when me and my friends used to rent hotels and connect our XBoX’s together back in the day.

I’m usually the one to engage while he picks them off, this is fun as hell. I’ll make sure we are well stocked with weaponry and shields before we head out into the field, and since he’s still getting a grasp on the game, he gets the shields first.

I’ve been playing Fortnite for about two weeks myself and I’m still picking up all of the nuances, I need to up, my box building tactics in fights. My nephew is also starting to box up himself, we are two students of the game. As I write this blog he sits besides me, constantly asking if I’m ready for the next match.

I’m proud to say that we usually get into the top ten when we play, with a couple of number one wins. When we win a match we scream like we just won the lottery, jumping up and down, fists pumping. There really isn’t a feeling I can compare to winning a match. That’s one hundred people you bested, one hundred. As we improve our game and play more Fortnite, memories are in the making!

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