I finally beat Persona 5 Royal! Here are my thoughts!

I finally beat Persona 5 Royal! Here are my thoughts!

I did it. After about a little under a year I finally beat Persona 5 Royal, and wow what a journey it was! With a few nights/sessions leaving the game on all of the time and pretty much every single Memento done, my time clocks in at just under 135 hours. I also grinded a ton.

Persona 5 turned me into a series mega fan. It’s definitely in my top three role playing games of all time, let’s just get that list out of the way:

  1. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
  2. / 3. Suikoden / Persona 5 Royal (I’d have to really think about it). Sprinkle some Wild Arms in there somewhere, but his is a list for another post.

What is it about P5 that made me love it though? The story was pretty different from your standard JRPG fare, it really wasn’t about saving the world this time, which was a real breath of fresh air. I usually summarize the game in a single sentence, Pokemon for adults. To tell you the truth I didn’t even delve into the Persona aspect of it too much until much later in the game and that’s a huge regret of mine. The fact that it’s there and that it’s optional is pretty cool too. Now let me get into it some more.

Let’s talk about the story. I’d say this is much more of a character driven game than most. It’s a lot more of the personal stories that each character goes through while still having a larger over-encompassing storyline to follow. There’s a ton of personal character growth, with Ryuji being my favorite character. I just love how he is, his blatant unapologetic way of being, he makes a ton of mistakes and and says what’s on his mind. I love that. There were a few twists, but nothing mind blowing.

The character design is top notch too with Haru being my least favorite. The Persona’s themselves ooze personality, I’d have to say the demon with a big cone/Madonna type thing sticking out of his crotch being my favorite. There are some out there sexual looking demons too. I can appreciate that.

The music is INSANE, it took some time to grow on me but I just had to get the soundtrack and listen to it in my car. I believe the genre is, acid jazz, which was something new for me. It’s definitely not your typical type of RPG music.

Difficulty wise, I’d say the game was tough during the beginning, but with some grinding which I love doing, it became pretty easy for the most part. Okumura was by far the most difficult boss I encountered in the entire game, I had to look up some guides on how to beat him, and I ended up using the changing to hardest difficulty method. Funny enough I forgot I had set it to hard and played a few hours of it in another session, there was a reason those hard shadows had me dying tons, dammit! Actually, thinking back on it, Okumura was one of the hardest bosses I’ve fought in recent memory.

The battle system was pretty damn fun. I love that you can regular attack, use guns, and use spells. The weakness system is cool too. It’s fun finding out a demon’s weakness, hitting it, and then getting an extra turn. Then there is the baton passing aspect of it. In a JRPG the battle system has to hold up, and in Persona 5, it most definitely does. After 135 hours, I still wasn’t sick of it, which says a lot. As I said before, I didn’t get into the fusion, collecting, aspect of the game until much later. I won’t be making the same mistake in other games/playthroughs.

All said and done, Persona 5 will stick with me as one of those rare games that make an impact on you. It’s rare that I get into a game like I did with this one. When I do, I go full on in. I’ve collected a lot of Shin Megami Tensei related memorabilia/games over the past year. I got the vinyl and art books and I’m ready for SMTV. Everything about P5 clicked, out of all of the palaces there was one that was kind of a slog and that says a lot about the game as a whole. I’m grateful that I was able to experience this gem of a game and I look forward to where this series takes me.

Thanks for reading, any and all thoughts are welcome. Onto Strikers!

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