Incoming Phase!: The Call of Duty Series!

Incoming Phase!: The Call of Duty Series!

I got that feeling, that undeniable phase feeling! It looks like the Call of Duty series is up for review and I’ll try to play them all but there are so many ways to do this. Do I play them by release? Do I play them in their series, like the Modern Warfare trilogy or the Black Ops games? How about the different aspects of them? In no particular order, Graphics, Music, Story, Gameplay, Do they still hold up? So many questions, and any and ALL responses would be great!

I can’t recall if the first Call of Duty was available on consoles. I do have quite a few of the collection from CoD 2 to Cold War on the Series X. I’m missing a few as most can be found on eBay for under ten dollars but for some reason, The Black Ops 1 & 2 Combo can be upwards of forty dollars.

I started playing Call of Duty 2 and I’m so surprised how well it holds up, but my impressions are for another post.

Look for my impressions soon!

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