Monster Hunter Rise – A new player’s journal from noob to?

Monster Hunter Rise – A new player’s journal from noob to?

This is my online journal on how I am progressing and getting (hopefully) good at the series. If it helps a fellow noob, so be-it. Let’s have a little backstory first.

Like many before me, I’ve tried to get into the Monster Hunter series with moderate success. From the Wii version to MH: World, Generations, and now Monster Hunter Rise. I’ve always been interested in the Monster Hunter series. Something about it always brings me to research and play the game. With Monster Hunter World I’d probably say that was my first serious attempt at it and it was pretty damn fun. I’m not even sure if I was playing it right but having fun? Yes, Yes I was. I can’t say that the tutorial did a good job of teaching me the game though. I ended up putting probably around thirty hours into World. Enter Monster Hunter Rise.

Everything about Monster Hunter Rise feels like it was made with the player’s fun in mind. The biggest change for me is the ability to insta-rebound when you get knocked down. The knockdown was seriously one of my biggest gripes about MH: World. Taking control away from the player over and over again was a major damper on fun.

Beginning the Adventure

The main village of Rise feels very small and that’s not a bad thing. Everything you need is close by so you can get into the hunting part of the game quicker. I’m all for this too. After the introductory quests, I chose my weapon(s) the Dual Blades and off I went to hunt some small animals/monsters.

Gameplay is very very fun. Attacking and having hits connecting feels great. I’ve done about 5 quests at this point and just writing about it makes me want to jump back in and slay.

At it’s core, MH:R’s gameplay loop is, Get quests>Hunt Monsters>Get items>Craft Better Gear>Repeat. It’s simple, it’s also what JRPGS have been doing for years, and it works.

For me, another area that Rise excels at is its tutorials. I always knew the basics of how to capture a monster but Worlds lessons on it failed miserably. Here in Rise, they explain it very simply. Hurt a monster until a blue notification appears over its icon, lure it into a trap that you place, hit the monster with tranquilizers, and bam, insta-capture. Something that is so simple but was never explained. Onto the weapons.

Monster Hunter Rise has a great number of weapons, I always stuck to the Dual Blades but I’ll be branching out with this one. I’ve given the Sword and Shield a serious try and I came away impressed. It feels different enough from the dual, and it has an added block button. I can’t really judge the weapons so early in the game when the game’s mechanics haven’t fully revealed themselves but I’ll have an open mind.

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