INCOMING PHASE: Persona 5 Royal.

INCOMING PHASE: Persona 5 Royal.

I picked up Persona 5 Royal on sale on a whim. I had played the original for about 20 hours and then stopped for one reason or another. I’m now 30 hours into P5: Royal and I just can’t get enough of it. Everything about it appeals to me, from the heavy story, jazz-infused music, to the dungeon crawler-like gameplay.

I’m no stranger to the Persona series, I played the original Revelations on the original PlayStation One and I remember the difficulty standing out but that was before I discovered grinding so I hit a wall with that one. Saving at a tree sticks out with my cousin commenting on the absurdity of it. That memory stays with me for some reason.

I also have part 3 on the PlayStation 3 and am looking into the classics, Persona 2 and 4, they sit at about ten dollars each on the PlayStation Store, unfortunately they are PS3 exclusive.

A Boss Battle

As I did for The Division, by focusing on different aspects of the game across several posts, I’ll break down how Persona 5 appeals to me, and what I enjoy about this amazing game. has the game-completion sitting at 144 hours, and the just main story at 103. This is quite the long game. Hopefully, I have the drive to see it through to the end.

Persona 5 Strikers, the Musou-inspired sequel has just been released and I love me some Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay. People recommend beating P5 before playing but I’ve read some reviews saying it was not necessary. I’m going to try and complete the original before attempting to play Strikers but it’s going to be very hard. Just the concept of a sequel that plays so differently in a genre that I love is so appealing to me. I couldn’t resist and I played just the opening battle and it was just so much fun.

‘Addictive’ Character Design

My next posts will focus on the different parts of Persona 5 Royal. The battle system, music, story, addictive character design, and more. It’s rare for a game to completely grab me and P5:R did it. I’m in THE ZONE for this one. I want to soak up all the elements and just live in this world, the more I play the more I want in. It’s rare that I can get into a game like this. World of Warcraft does it all the time and the last console game was Final Fantasy XIII and that was about a year ago. I guess my phases should be left to a different post but for now, let’s focus on Persona, and oh man, I can’t wait to get started on that Hymn of the Soul masterpiece!

Enjoy the posts!

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