The Lego Movie VideoGame – A great game for kids!

The Lego Movie VideoGame – A great game for kids!

I watched the first half of the lego movie with my niece and then decided to play the game based off it.

Time flew by, 2 hours passed by in an instant. Usually, I always get stuck in lego games not knowing what to do but here it seems like they have refined their formula to perfection. Everything seemed to click and all the places had easy to figure out puzzles.

I plan on playing until the part of the movie we watched and then play again. There are parts that the game expanded on, for obvious reasons (padding gameplay time), and that’s okay and welcome.

As far as games for kids are concerned as long as there is an adult playing/guiding them it’s pretty smooth. My nephew is 4 years old and he was playing like a champ. At the end of our session, I had to pry them from the controllers because the game is that fun.

Getting more into the game design itself, there is a constant need for players to be engaged. You are always switching characters, looking for the next objective, for example, things to build to proceed in the level or using character-specific abilities. The worlds themselves are colorful and well designed. You always know what you have to do next and hardly get lost, which to me was a staple of previous lego games. I actually think that this game may have primed me to play old ones, I’ll have to play them to know for sure though.

I can’t recommend anything that is more suited to playing with young ones. Games for kids that treat them with respect and can be played with adults are a rarity. You can’t go wrong here and you can find it for under twenty dollars.

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