Incoming Phase Alert: Football !! Madden NFL 2021 and more!!

Incoming Phase Alert: Football !! Madden NFL 2021 and more!!

I just got on my Final Fantasy XIII phase and jumped right onto Madden NFL 2021 while in the middle of playing 13.

It all started on Super Bowl Sunday and I slept at my brothers house. We had pizza, chips with about 5 different dips, very spicy chicken wings and more!

The game was awesome and I was cheering Tom Brady to win and then night time came and my brother put on Madden and explained me the rules real quick.

It must be noted, this isn’t the first time he tried to get me in the game but this was the first time he told me to just play and pass the ball even if the guy was covered. It was a mode that puts you into different situations and you get stars depending on the “difficulty” (hard). There are even bonus stars for optional objectives.

Something in my mind, “Clicked”. For the first time in my life, Madden became fun. I used to have fun just passing and hated playing defense. Now, I welcome the defense challenge and actually try to figure out what plays make sense in the given situation.

I’m getting a kick out of story mode, We follow a rising superstar starting from high school. It’s entertaining enough.

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