Final Fantasy XIII-2 Impressions – A couple of hours in!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Impressions – A couple of hours in!

I received my copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the mail today and couldn’t wait to get crack-ulatin’ ! First off the presence of a villain is established and felt right away. My biggest problem with XIII was that it lacked a villain and for it to already rectify that situation is a plus in my book!

There are command props during cut-scenes and sometimes battles as well, I’m all for them as it changes things up a little and keeps you on your toes. Right when you start playing you are put into an open-ended map with a house and land to explore, there’s even a jump button this time around.

Bresha Ruins – Near the Beginning of the Game!

Combat so far has been more of the same, which is absolutely not a bad thing as it’s one of my favorite RPG battle systems, EVER! After doing quite a few battles and spending crystarium you are presented with about four choices when leveling. Unlock more roles, and unlock an extra ATB attack. This is pretty cool, I won’t make the same mistake as I did in FF13, this time I’ll make characters geared to specific roles.

I love time travel, anything and everything about it, it can only do good in my opinion. I’m very near the beginning of the story but time travel has already made it’s presence known, and only time will tell how much more in-depth they will go with it.

I’m also playing on an XBOX Series X and Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been optimized for it! From my research, the X is the version to play even surpassing the PC version. It runs at a native 4K with HDR. I can already tell a big difference in quality from 13 on the Playstation 3. edges are much smoother and there isn’t a grainy effect on edges either. This is definitely the system to play on!

Now the bad impressions. I’ve only been able to play with two characters and I’m not sure if that’s how it will be for most of the game, I’m not sure how I’ll react to the ‘Pokemon’ aspects either, it seems interesting enough. Only time will tell!

A Great Screenshot of Serah up close!

I’m taking a little break and I can’t wait to hop back on! That’s it for my impressions.

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