Meet Adonis – A World of Warcraft Player Interview!

Meet Adonis – A World of Warcraft Player Interview!

Hello Everyone! This is my new feature, going around interviewing players in the World of Warcraft! In this feature I ask a player twelve questions based around the game. It’s only natural that I start with myself! I’ve had this idea rummaging around my head for a long time now and I’ve finally decided to do it. Without anymore delay, lets start!

  • Hello Adonis, and thank you for agreeing to this WoW Playerbase interview!
    Hey man, thanks for having me, I’m all for anything WoW-based and this seems like fun!

  • When was the first time you heard of WoW?
    I first heard of Warcraft in a video game magazine called Game Informer, it’s first look spread. I printed it out and showed one of my best friends and we were hooked, it was a pretty early article too, I mean the game wasn’t even set for release for a good 1 to 2 years. We would talk about it constantly and I loved having a friend to do that with. We were WoW Nuts!

  • How long have you been playing WoW?
    I’ve been with WoW since the start, beta to be exact.

  • What was your first class?
    I remember I got into the very first WoW open beta and I played a Warrior as I usually did in RPGs and it just didn’t “click” for me, but I was still going to buy it when it came out. Funny enough at the launch of WoW I chose a human warrior, not knowing anything about tanking or anything, warriors were just my go to class.
  • What is your favorite class?
    This one is hard, but, only because for it’s like “a class for the week” Right now my main is my Protection / Holy Paladin, I absolutely love tanking and healing and I don’t find it too hard. I like playing from everyones point of view, so I know how I can help players if things go wrong tanking or healing.

  • What is your favorite zone?
    Grizzly Hills is my absolute favorite zone in Warcraft, with Shadowlands Bastion area being a far second. I love the woods, the water area near that inn. I love everything about it. There’s also that memorable quest about moving your bowels!

  • What is your favorite dungeon?
    Without a doubt, The Nexus from Wrath of the Lich King. I love the aesthetic, the bosses, how you don’t have to run it in a straight line, everything about it! I use to speed run it just for fun.

  • What is your favorite loot moment and how you got it?
    My favorite moment in WoW would have to be with my acceptance to The Tattered Virtue guild ran by a couple. We were doing Zul Gurub and defeated a boss that dropped the hakarri warblade. I jumped out of my seat and screamed my head off. Purples had meaning in early WoW so to have one was like the ultimate win. I remember that whole night really.

  • What is your favorite story to tell about WoW?
    Favorite story? I don’t know, memorable one would be how I spent hours every day trying to get my rep up with the Night Elves in order for my human raced character to be able to ride a tiger mount just like my favorite character when I was a kid, He-Man! I finally was able to do it around christmas time and my brother was around me at the time, such a memorable experience!

  • What is your least favorite story about WoW?
    Theres a few, I hate being duped into lending people gold only for them to tell me their “brother” was on their character so they didn’t owe me anything. Near launch and being again tricked into paying money for a player run casino, only to have that person ignore me after the transaction.

  • What’s your take on the current state of WoW?
    Shadowlands is in a great state, there are tons of different systems to grind things out for, finally having class ‘sets’ is awesome too, and I absolutely love Torghast! I was looking for something like Torghast for a long time and I hope Blizzard continues to build upon it. There is just so much potential here.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do, outside of WoW?
    I love videogames in general, it’s kind of a cop-out answer but it’s true, I can just play them all day. I like blogging too and spending time with my family. Finding new ways to stay invested and things to write about, new ways to keep busy.

  • That’s the end of our interview! Here are four 30 slot bags and some gold, you can do with it as you wish, some people keep them, others go to starting zones and hand them out to new players, the choice is yours! What will you do with it?
    Hey, Thanks a lot! I like flying to starting zones and handing them out to players in need. I’ll give out 1 bag and 100 gold to four players in need. Thanks for the interview!

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