Bringing in the New Year with some completed games!

Bringing in the New Year with some completed games!

I rarely beat games, for some reason games have my attention for like 6 hours and then I move on to the next. Here we are in the second month of the new year and I’ve already completed three, including one I started last year ( Final Fantasy XIII ) but finally got around to beating it just a few minutes ago!

I’ve beaten Mega Man Zero 1 from the collection that was released last year, the Resident Evil 3 remake, and as mentioned Final Fantasy XIII.

Mega Man Zero was old school hard and pretty damn fun to boot, I wouldn’t of been able to do it, if not for the new feature they implemented, the well placed frequent save spot, that game took me about 3 hours.

Resident Evil 3 filled me with dread from start to finish a rare horrid feeling but part of the experience, that took me a little under 7 seven hours.

Final Fantasy XIII tallied up just under 90 hours total with tons of grinding done, I can’t wait to start it’s sequel later this week! I’ll be making a stand-alone post about my experience soon!

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