A Moco.net 2021 Site Re-Launch!

A Moco.net 2021 Site Re-Launch!

The Moco.net website is re-launching in 2021, here is a roadmap for our website!

Virtual Game Collector

In January I plan on launching my very first Kickstarter for my Virtual Game Collector software. What is it? It’s a program that allows you to upload your personal game collection which is then put on virtual shelves and allows you to walk through a room or two, while they are proudly displayed.

There are fields for the genre, Metacritic, and console to name a few, and you can sort them by said fields! Imagine having every game you own proudly showing and instead of just looking at game spines you get to see the cover art.


I will try to update Moco.net at least once a month with quality updates. I also plan on making more YouTube videos, and beating more games.

That’s about it for now, the website has a new look now and we are running polls, please visit often!

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