Holiday Gaming 2020 – Thanksgiving!

Holiday Gaming 2020 – Thanksgiving!

Ah yes, the holidays are back! It’s hard to believe that about 5 years have past since my last update and it’s been over 25 years that this tradition has been kept alive, the “Holiday Glow” is definitely there this year and time with the family and some gaming has commenced!

This holiday was pretty “tame” compared to the others but it’s great all the same. We had our dinner, we watched a Netflix show called ‘The Queen’s Gambit” and then I played as usual Starcraft 2, even if i’m not in the mood for it, I still play. I played the AI on hard and had a pretty good match but lost in the end. Then it was off to Overwatch and the latest Call of Duty, Cold war.

The biggest thing going on right now is that World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, came out on Monday, November 23rd. I’ve been playing that a lot along with Yakuza Like a Dragon which I put about 20 hours into it but now WoW has me in it’s grip.

Yakuza is such an awesome game, because it treats the player like an adult and hands us (also an adult) storyline. It wastes no time doing so either. I was hooked from the beginning!

Shadowlands is so damn good, the zones are drastically different from one another, I loved Bastion’s aesthetic and wasn’t looking forward to Maldraxxus but I’m finding Mals story to be much better. I love me some trials and arenas.

I made a video during the launch of the expansion and you can find it here:

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