How to not get bored of / stay invested in World of Warcraft

Hello everyone, in my gaming life I’ve seen people play the same game every day for hours and years and still keep coming back to it. I wondered, how can I do that? So, I set out to not get bored of one of my favorite games of all time, World of Warcraft.

When I was looking for answers, in the beginning I received a lot of “Just don’t play” answers, that was the easy way of answering though and I sought a more in-depth / creative type of response. I’ve been playing steady for about six months now. Here is what I’ve found, but first, a little backstory.

I usually play games in spurts. Games usually have my attention around the six hour mark and then I get bored and switch to another one. Sometimes everything clicks and I get ‘REALLY’ into a game and play it nonstop full eight hour a day shifts, this usually lasts for about three months and then I stop and never touch it again. When I get really into it, I call this getting into ‘The Zone’, which I wrote a blog post about and can be read here: .

With that said, with World of Warcraft I usually play and hit it hard for three months at a time and then completely stop for six-plus months and come back and hit it hard again. This time is different though, I think I found the key to longevity. We are in October 2020 and I’ve been playing since April. I started off hitting it hard, then I ‘tapered’ off but still play it every day and now I’m back to hitting it hard. Here is what I’ve been doing. In no particular order, and yes, I understand it is a game I’m talking about here.

I find making and leveling new characters pretty fun. For some reason leveling through old-world content never gets old. I’m talking about Vanilla pre-expansion content, BUT, also new expansions as well. I love it when there is a quest hub that gives you upwards of ten-plus quests at a time. There is no better feeling than doing all of them at once and leveling up like crazy when you turn them all in.

The Burning Crusade expansion is pretty good with doing this, especially Zangamarsh. With the upcoming pre-patch ( Shadowlands ) Blizzard is doing a level squish, whereas before you would level to 120, now the cap will be 50 before SL content. There are reports of leveling from start to finish taking anywhere from seven to twenty hours, a HUGE difference from how it is today!

With leveling up, of course, comes gearing up. You might want to gear a little bit at a time as it can be pretty time consuming and all characters currently have to do Battle for Azeroth dungeons. Mix it up a little, gear up here and there. PvPing can also be done to gear up and you can do World Quests.

I can run the Iron Docks from the Warlords of Draenor expansion for about 700 gold each run. A complete run takes about ten minutes, so that’s about 4,200 gold an hour. You are not limited to just that one though and with research, you can find out what nets you the most gold per hour. I’m a stat nut and love running and figuring this out for myself. A good resource is the Reddit gold making forum found here:

This one is pretty hard and I still haven’t grasped how to do it, playing the auction house. Look for items that are in demand and either go farm it or try to control the marketplace.

I’ve found limited success with buying Deep Sea Bags (30 Slot) for around 140g, completely buying the cheapest ones, and then relisting for 100g+ more. Controlling the auction house this way demands a lot of time as you have to keep searching and buying out anyone who tries to list at a cheaper price, but, it can be done. This brings us to our next method.

The PVP part of WoW is a whole other beast altogether. It is quite different than regular ‘dungeons’ and can take some time to learn all of the intricacies. Positioning, when to CC and use abilities, I’m still learning this part myself and have been having a great time doing it. I post my ilvl and skill level in the group finder and usually find people to play with, within minutes.

This one requires an enormous amount of time. I had no idea the amount of time I would need. You can try starting your own guild, but be prepared to sit in trade chat for hours spamming a recruitment message for hours on end. You can try getting some help with this or starting one with friends. People will leave for various reasons and keeping up with everything can be very time consuming. I recommend this one to the most devoted of players. Time consuming but can also be very rewarding.

Google gear sets for your character and try to get them by running old instances. Raids can only be ran once a week, so make a list of what you want and where to get it and go for it. This can be entertaining and aggravating as that last piece you need can take a few weeks to finally earn.

Playing with people can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. Forging relationships and getting to know people can be a game within itself. Interacting with others is fun, I have my own PVP group and we meet everyday, happenstance. Play with others, offer help in chat, and enjoy others company!

Finally, think outside the box. I’m writing posts like this and thinking about interviewing other players. Complete with a ‘talkshow’ type character (LateNightElf), pictures, and a tuxedo to boot. Find and makeup creative ways to stay invested.

And there you have it, nine different ways to stay invested in World of Warcraft! I hope this was an entertaining and insightful read. Please leave your own tips down below, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!

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