Incoming Massive World of Warcraft content!

Incoming Massive World of Warcraft content!

Tons of new content surrounding the impending Shadowlands WoW expansion! Let’s get down to business.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft like a mad-man trying to find the secret to never get sick of it, and now more than ever I’ve been playing for my longest spurt. I started playing WoW in April of 2020! With few stops in between.

As said before, I usually hit games hard for a few months and then stop playing altogether, that’s different now. I’ve done my research, I’ve tried different things, and I’m still invested. With that said, I have a few ideas for articles based off WoW, let’s get started.

#1 – A recurring feature about the makers behind the addons we use everyday. Interviews, write-ups, etc.

#2 – A day in the life of a personal blogger, again interviews, etc.

#3 – Know your lore, focusing on the little known lore, John Keeshan comes to mind.

#4 – Warcraft player spotlight, interviews of players, and a photoshoot to go along with it.

#5 – Optomizing how we play WoW. From graphic cards, accessories like the Woojer Vest, and how it interacts with the game.

That’s all of the ideas for now, tune in later and thanks for reading!

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