Lunar Eternal Blue Complete – Impressions

Lunar Eternal Blue Complete – Impressions

Like many times before, It’s time to start up my favorite RPG in history, Lunar 2 – Eternal Blue Complete for the Playstation One. Will I actually complete it this time though?

Every once and a great while I start up Lunar Eternal Blue Complete with the intention of completing it, something always happens though and I always fail. Will this time be different?

As I’ve said before, LEBC is one of my favorite games, I even have a poster in my gaming room proudly hanging above my TV! (as seen).

I’ve clocked in just under an hour and here are my impressions. The game starts off with a cut-scene of a blue haired lady sleeping in a crystal, something happens and she awakens, and then we meet Hiro and his “pet” Ruby. They are doing what they do best, and that is exploring ruins near their home. A trap triggers and the narrative kicks in, introducing us to these unforgettable characters.

We then get a taste of the combat, and all enemies are seen before the battle triggers. Combat is standard RPG-fare, you have your standard attack, magic, and use items commands. It may be standard but in my eyes, it still holds up and is quite fun.

Hiro then meets Leo one of the goddess Althena’s guards who is on the way to the blue spire because he thinks ” the destroyer ” will be coming to destroy the world. Eventually, we go back home to Hiro’s grandfather’s place and the main story is set into motion.

I stopped playing right after we made it to the Blue Spire, and I intend to continue later on. What I played was fun, but to be honest, I got bored. I’ll always have fond memories of this game and one day, I will finally complete it again.

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