A list of ( Dark ) Souls – like games.

A list of ( Dark ) Souls – like games.

It’s the incoming phase! This time what is it? IT’S Games that are like Demon (Dark) Souls, a spinoff genre from – From Software.

Here is a list that will constantly be updated.

There can also be offshoots of the Souls-like genre, as it can be Souls-like and still be a MetroidVania and a Rogue-like.

What is a Souls-like? To me, it is a Third Person controlled game, where you incrementally get stronger and stronger or learn it encounter by encounter, but mostly all games are like that. Yet, the Souls-like genre is easily distinguishable and you know one when you play it. By this rule I will list what I think are Souls-like and I will brand off-shoots as deemed necessary.

Pure Dark Souls – Like

#1 – Demon’s Soul

#2 – The Surge 1

#3 – The Surge 2

#4 – Dark Souls – Remastered

#5 – Dark Souls 2 – Scholar of the First Sin

#6 – Dark souls 3

#7 – Nioh

#8 – Nioh 2

#9 – Code Vein

#10 – Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice

#11 – Bloodborne

#12 – Lords of the Fallen

#13 – Mortal Shell

#14 – Jedi – Fallen Order

Open World Souls – Like

#1a – Outward

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