RoDney ReMix – A Pitfall Like Game!

RoDney ReMix – A Pitfall Like Game!

Hello Everyone, Do you like Pitfall by the great programmer, David Crane? I created a game just like Pitfall but with a story, I called it:

The first RoDney came, as a result, to learn how to create games, as such it was a pretty messily-created game. No scrolling, gravity would change with each frame, and the gameplay, Pitfall!

Four years later, with a newly purchased game making software, I went back to RoDney and recreated it! This time I had excellent graphics, scrolling levels, great music, an actual story. The enemy placement was exactly that of the original RoDney. Most importantly the Grizzly bear was drawn by one of my best friends, Ryan!

I love colorful levels in games, Green Hill Zone, Pitfall to name a few, and RoDney was no different. Vibrant screen popping graphics, perfect to set the tone on a rainy day!

Unlike Pitfall, RoDney contained a few bosses, apparently he has guns, and arrow shooting weaponry in his pocket at all times. Not to mention a few outfits.

RoDney can be challenging at times and as a whole a complete playthrough with a few deaths clocks in at just under 15 minutes.

There are multiple themed levels but all colored vividly. There was also a sequel released but it was done when I was learning how to make games so it’s probably best left in the vault, ( I lost it! ).

I would love to ‘Remaster’ RoDney ReMix one more time, improving, making it more forgiving, possibly adding a new level, and definitely fleshing out the story some more.

I’ve always wanted to create a game again, with new levels released every week or month. In a time trial / points manner, with real prizes in the end.

If you think this is a good idea, please don’t hesitate to comment or shoot me an email at I will respond and look at every e-mail.

Go ahead and click the Download image down below, or click the link! Every file has been scanned as of June 28th, 2020, and has been found to be completely Virus Free.


Thanks for reading and have a great day!

2 Replies to “RoDney ReMix – A Pitfall Like Game!”

  1. Wow I remember you from AOL back in the day… Moco 64? I remember playing Rodney remix… didn’t you have like Calender related events, like Christmas?

    It’s amazing finding out what the old knpers are up to over 20 years later. It’s really crazy what some of the people we argued with on message boards are up to now. I know the other Knp Marcello… think he had his “company” Cellosoft.. worked on the original Siri.

    Thanks for bringing back some memories.

    1. Jimbo, I remember you clearly! Yes, I did have calendar dates. Which games did you make btw? I remember some people from the AOL days too, Ice, PunkMob, Smets97, that’s it. Those were the days and I still dabble and always make a new ‘Rodney’ but never get past the first stage. What have you been up to these days?

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