Pixel Ripped 1995 – A Retro, Nostalgia Driven Game, Oculus Quest Game – Virtual Reality! VR!

Hey Everyone, this is a preview of the Oculus Quest game ‘ Pixel Ripped 1995 ‘, you can purchase it everywhere, including the Oculus Quest Store and Steam as of June 22nd, 2020!

Pixel Ripped is a brand new nostalgia-fueled virtual reality game-within-a-game, this time in 1995!

Retail: $19.99 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1178140/Pixel_Ripped_1995/

Stay tuned for the Moco.net branded Rapid Fire game reviews, 3 free games per episode, games like Grid and tons of others, Episode 1 is coming soon!

Help our hero Dot face challenging throwbacks to all your favorite 16-bit and 32-bit classics while surviving the struggles of a typical nine-year-old kid.

Pixel Ripped 1995 is the sequel to Pixel Ripped 1989 that was released back in July of 2018! I never played the first one but I will definitely look into it now that I know what I am in for. Pixel Ripped 1995, from now on known as PR95 is filled with nostalgia, they pretty much nailed how it was to be a gamer back in the 90s, America Online included.

Our main character, David, here on known as Dave as to not upset a certain someone, is a 9 year old boy who is obsessed with Video Games! You play in your own living room as people come and go, talking to you, even if you are listening or not! This part was hilarious as it instantly gave me a flashback at how I used to play at my friend Scott’s house while he would be outside playing, I’d be in his living room playing on his Super Nintendo as his family would come in and out.

From the estimated 60 minutes I’ve played, The story of PR95 is as follows, the evil villain Cyblin Lord invades Dave’s world, destroying the video game cartridge he came from, your missions is to fix that cartridge, and stop Cyblin from invading your world!

The first world you play in, is a Legend of Zelda – A link to the Past influenced videogame, and you play as Dot, which seems to be heavily inspired by Mega Man and Metroid! You collect dots, and they work like rings work in Sonic the Hedgehog, if you take damage your dots spread out and you have a few seconds to pick them back up.

The games within the game are fun, nothing too in-depth, just a little simple represented. With a heavy 16-Bit vibe, complete with villagers to talk to. As you play your mother comes in and nags you for playing all the time, she will even shut the game off on you, and that will have you starting from your latest in-game checkpoint! You then rush through to make it to the next save point.

Causing a mess for MA!

Thankfully you get an “out of the game” ‘Nerf’ type dart gun, with this you can shoot cookie jars, and other objects, so if your mom is about to shut off your system again, you can buy some time by making her clean up the mess you created. If I did this in real life I’d get a beating, but we can’t have it all.

I stopped playing when I arrived at the video game rental store, and I am eager to play some more. This is the last I’ll be talking about this game until I actually complete it. Expect my review to come soon!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve please tell us. Thanks!

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