Incoming RTS Phase – Starcraft 2!

Incoming RTS Phase – Starcraft 2!

Every now and then I get into a mood to choose a game and stick to it for a while. My next game to take that spot is Starcraft 2, and I couldn’t have picked a better time because the latest War Chest VI is out ( Released June 11th 2020, more details here: ) with it comes new structure skins, making Terrans look like something straight out of the Borderlands series!

Starcraft 2 – War Chest VI – Skins

My favorite race will always be Protoss, in Warcraft it was Orcs, I always gravitate to the slow, strong, type of races. With that said, secretly I’ve always wished I could play Humans / Terrans and now I’ve been sticking mostly with Terrans. Let me tell you, I absolutely suck at playing Terran! I placed in the copper league, My career stats as the Terrans is an abysmal – 51 wins to 84 losses, and I’ve been playing since Starcraft 2 launched way back in 2010. I have two trophies and they were probably earned by my opponent not showing up! Embarrassing!

Welp, I just lost another Tournament! Even though I lose constantly and I really just keep doing the same thing over and over again, I know what I should be doing, it’s just that I don’t do it.

A wise Starcraft player once said, there are three different types of players, players that lose, watch replays, and adapt. Players that play over and over again always doing the same thing but improving incrementally. Third, and I’m just making up this third because that’s where I fall in. Players who do the same thing over and over, knowing what they have to do but for some reason not doing it anyway, and losing each time because of it.

Maybe I’ll snap out of it, maybe I’ll start playing the right way. For now, I’m bored and I think I’ll try to record and make a lame game exciting with good editing techniques. Stay Tuned!

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