Incoming – World of Warcraft – Gaming Phase!

I’ve written about it before, and I’ll write about it now, in a compounded way / sense (?). I get into what I call ‘ Phases ‘ , that’s where I pick one game and just go at it, and at it hard, I’m talking about 8-hour gameplay sessions. With 2 days before Final Fantasy VII – remake comes out ( and I just can’t wait ) I’m choosing World of Warcraft ( WoW ).

Usually, WoW is the culprit when I get into its a phase, I just play all day. I’ll be making a few posts on the different aspects of it. Here is what I have coming:

  • A very kind person loaned me 30,000
  • A love of Dungeons
  • A love the game itself
  • A love of playing as a Preist

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