My Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game story. A prologue to my game impressions.

My Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game story. A prologue to my game impressions.

Before I begin, I have to warn you. If you know nothing about Dragon Ball Z then this post will contain spoilers. I’ve only seen the last part of the Cell Saga and just about nothing else (that means nothing before the Cell Saga as well). You have been warned!


Back in early 2000, I took a trip out of the country. While randomly channel surfing the total of 4 TV stations we had access to, I stumbled upon a cartoon. Dragon Ball Z. I was amazed, DBZ went against all tropes, never before did I see the good guys lose, grow older, and actually die. Needless to say, I was hooked and I had to watch it every day. I would later realize that I was watching the latter half of the Cell Saga.

Upon coming back to the states I was surprised, DBZ was on air here BUT it was only at the beginning of the Raditz episodes. Life took hold and I eventually stopped watching altogether. Fast forward to the year 2020, I purchased the complete KAI series on Blu-Ray and the game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

I decided to watch the anime series episodes first, then play the game until I caught up to the episode I was watching, then watch again, play to that part, so on and so on. Hopefully, that makes sense. I’m currently watched up to just before the Saiyans reach earth.

Goku Flying

First I watched the first 3 episodes, totaling about 1 hour. It was the small Raditz arc. Playing the game, with a few side quests, it took about three hours to catch up to Raditz’s defeat. The game also skips over some information from the anime. Such as the first blast Picollo shot at Raditz.

The website, has DBZ:K game length at thirty and a half hours for just the main story and fifty-four hours for total completion. It supposedly covers every arc, finishing at Majin Buu. I really hope the tournament is in too, I’m a sucker for tournaments in videogames (wink wink Lunar: EB).

With this information, Kakarot must skip over a ton of information, or maybe even skip over whole arcs. Three hours for three episodes. My next post will go over the game itself. Consider this a filler-post.

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