Go Vacation – Nintendo Switch – Impressions!

Go Vacation – Nintendo Switch – Impressions!

Thanks to the good folks at Reddit for recommending me such a fantastic title. Find out why!

Go Vacation is a collection of about 40+ different minigames.


Surfing, Racing, Bungie Jumping, Skateboarding, Throwing Balls into a Trash Can, Whack-a-Mole, and tons more. I must have played for about five hours straight and I still couldn’t get enough. The game is that good.

Obviously not every game is a winner but for the most part, they are fantastic. There is so much to do apart from the main game as well. You gain levels, which give you keys, the keys are then used to open up chests (there are like 100 different chests), chests give you furniture for a house that you unlock through the campaign. You decorate the house as you see fit but I’ll be honest, I haven’t played with the house features yet.

Every day you log-in and get a gift, so far it’s clothes. Did I mention you can customize your avatar from head to toe? You can even use your Mii for that extra personalized touch.


There are four different resorts, fully fleshed out. Each resort has 8+ different events

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