Lunar Silver Star Story Complete – Playstation 1 – Impressions

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete – Playstation 1 – Impressions

After many years, I return to Lunar – Silver Star Story Complete for the Playstation One. Here are my impressions after about 6 hours and 30 minutes of gameplay.

Twenty-three years ago I purchased Lunar Silver Star Story Complete for my PlayStation and beat it. Two days ago being in the mood for a role-playing game, I decided to try it out again. It’s sequel, Lunar Eternal Blue for the Sega CD remains one of my fondest gaming experiences to this day. Oddly enough, while owning the complete version of EB, I have yet to complete the remastered version.

Lunar SSSC starts off in the village of Burg. You are introduced to Alex, a person who has grand aspirations of being like his hero, the dragon master Dyne. Alongside Alex, you meet Luna a childhood friend, and Ramus his friend who wants to strike it rich.

The adventure begins when Alex and his friends set off to find the white dragon Quark and receive a white diamond ( funny enough, the diamond is made of Quark’s crap ).

The journey takes them to other towns / cities where they try to sell the diamond.

Eventually, they set sail to the city of Meribia. On the boat, there is a cut-scene where Luna is singing, and to me, it was one of the most memorable scenes in my gaming history.

Luna, singing on the boat.

Working Designs delivers a top-notch translation. Although dated, with references from M&Ms melting in your mouth, and even an Austin Powers one, it is a true delight to read.

I’ve been having fun just sitting in a dungeon and grinding my way through levels. I’m not positive but I think the bosses scale with your level, as they still provide a challenge.

The classic RPG, town, dungeon, upgrade equipment game loop is there as well. I grind so much that I am loaded with gold to buy anything I want and then some.

Lunar’s story is well told and addictive. I love games that have trials, tournaments etc, and the cast of characters are interesting enough. I have yet to be bored. Although, I will admit that I do grind a little too much. I don’t find it boring though, and I thank World of Warcraft for conditioning me.

I just reached Vane, and am about to meet Lemia and Ghaleon. The game is just beginning and it’s been long enough that I don’t remember everything, so it is feeling a little fresh. I’m eager to start playing again, more impressions soon.

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