Mario Maker 2 – User Level Reviews!

Mario Maker 2 – User Level Reviews!

Hello everyone! I’m currently reviewing user-created levels from Mario Maker 2. If you would like your level reviewed just post you course / Maker ID in the comments and I’ll review it. On to the reviews!

Indiana Mario+the Temple of Goom

The Temple of Goom is an amazing course, it’s short, uses clever use of gadgets and was fun from start to finish. It uses a Mario 3 theme as well. There are also a few off the beaten path segments, that reward you with a lot of coins. Coupled with nice use of keys, nothing too long. I recommend this course to all!

Snowy Speedrun

You start off with about 20 seconds on the clock. Holding in the run button and forward, timing your jumps off of slides feels good. The way you obtain the helmet requires a little skill and is fun as well. Snowy Speedrun is a short, burst of fun. I recommend it anyone who likes speed run types of levels.

Keep the Crates & Knuckles
Super Expert

This is one hell of a course. Superbly designed. Clever, Smart. I couldn’t beat it but I appreciate what it is. All of my deaths were due to lack of skill and not bad level design. I tried for about 10 minutes, getting closer and closer to the end. This level is really addictive and I downloaded it for later play too. Highly recommended!

World Beast Adventure

One word came to mind right when I started this level. Atmosphere. You can see tons of work went into this level. It’s the type of course that I would need to draw a map of, in order not to get lost. Kudos to the creator, some levels are just straight amazing, and this is one of them. It has you going every which way to collect red keys, using thought to overcome slight puzzles. Highly recommended!

Forward, Backward, and Swimming!

Expertly crafted. I learned the level, death by death. You have to have precision swimming skills in order to reach the end. Mixing standard platforming and swimming segments, this level was pretty fun. It took me about five minutes to complete it, with one segment giving me trouble, but as I played, I started to learn more and more. Graphically there is a lot going on, making it unique among other levels. Keep up the good work. Recommended!

Trial of Bosses

This is a unique level, in that it pits you against four or five different bosses. Each boss has a unique aspect and different ways to deal with them. For example, you can hit bombs against Bowser, or use Yoshi to swallow fireballs and spit it at him. I tried for about ten minutes and was unable to beat this course. I made it as far as defeating three bosses. You can tell that this was a labor of love, there are different power-ups you can choose too and overall the level design is well thought out. If you are looking for a challenge or just want to see a level that is outside the box, I recommend giving it a shot.

Once More Unto the Breach

Taking place in what seems to be a series of rooms, you then reach a segment where there are tons of bombs that bust the floor open, floor by floor. Paths are blocked behind ‘switch’ blocks, and then when you reach the bottom floor you activate vines where it brings you to the top floor. This level was unique and a lot of fun. Recommended.

The Poisoned Path

This is the type of level I love most, levels that Nintendo could have developed themselves. When I create levels this is the type I go for. From start to finish it was a fun ride, with different paths to take to get extra coins. This is also the first time I’ve played in this theme. The poisoned water rises slightly but never truly feels like a threat. Overall, kudos to you! Highly recommended!

1-3 Kirstie’s Serene Swim

Ah, the rare water level. Getting a water level right can be tricky but it was pulled off well here. The level branches off with some hard to see paths, and you are rewarded with a hefty amount of coins. The flow is great and the level kept things fresh throughout. Good work. Downloaded, recommended.

Slipswitch Mountain

I’ve been getting really fortunate with these levels. Once again we have another Nintendo quality level. This stage is themed around moving platforms and switches. Activate a switch and the platform path activates letting you continue on with the level. The snow theme also fits the level perfectly. There really isn’t a lot of danger to be had here, but that doesn’t affect the fun of it. Quality stuff. Recommended.

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