Mario Maker 2 – First Wave Level Reviews!

Mario Maker 2 – First Wave Level Reviews!

Hello everyone, the level reviewing idea is out there, now I just need to start the reviewing process. I am hoping this goes a good distance and we can make this into something special.


Salsista 2 By Oskemon

Salsista 2 starts off with the now, well known, Mario set-up. That’s one brick, one coin, one brick, one coin, set-up. It then flips it to a light platforming section, followed by an invisible pipe. With a snake follow-up to close it up. I died a few times but it wasn’t anything that repetition/memorization couldn’t fix.

I started and finished the course, within 1 min 15 seconds. I had some fun with it too.

The ultimate question remains.

Would this level fit into a regular Mario game?
Sorry but this is a firm no. Maybe with a longer course and tightening up the gameplay, we may have something here.

I’ll be watching this maker’s levels.

Jack Cotterill

Dungeon of Doom

This was a great course. Do I think it would go in a Mario game? No, but I do play as Luigi anyway ( Ha Ha ). That’s not a knock at the course since levels don’t have to ‘fit’ into ‘Mario Stages’ to be good.

Dungeon of Doom has short gameplay slices going for it and it was addictive enough that I went back and tried to get the world record on it. (Sitting at about 45 seconds now) I know I can best it if I really want to but I’ll wait until I am dethroned.

Overall DoD is a good course and I recommend it to all looking for a good course to come back to every now and then to see if others have beat your hi-score.

Mystery Mansion

A maze/puzzle like level with many trials to complete, the Mystery Mansion is a fun, semi-short course. I was lucky enough to complete it on my 3rd try and had fun in doing so. With clever uses of the ‘P’ switch and not wanting to ruin the puzzles, I suggest you give it a try.

To the top of the Fortress!


This was a short and sweet level filled with jumps, avoidance, and great flow. There’s really not much I can say about it but just ‘pure fun’ keep on doing what you do, maker subscribed!.

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