#1 – Operation Tango! – New Beginnings.

#1 – Operation Tango! – New Beginnings.

I arrive in Paragon City, a city that is in dire need of Super Heroes and I heeded the distress call of the local enforcement agency. Upon arriving I was told to set out and find Officer Flint.

Flint tells me of an experimental drug that is on the streets. Thugs have been taking it, thinking it was a normal drug, not knowing that the contents had been screwed with by the Rikti, a race that tried to take over Paragon City the past year. Flint gave me a thug’s blood sample and tells me to go visit a nearby doctor (Miller), so off I went.

Doctor Miller thanks me for the sample and explains to me how hospitals work in Paragon, then sends me back to Flint to confirm delivery. Flint doesn’t have any more use of me and sends me to meet another cop, Officer Parks, I’m earning respect in the process!

Officer Parks welcomes me and apologizes for all the legwork I’ve been doing but it is a necessary evil. I am after-all training to protect Paragon City. Parks explains to me how some powers work, enemies to be wary of then marks my training complete. Back to Parks.

Parks asks me to take down two contaminated thugs so that we can work on an antidote that is sending everyone into a frenzy, the mission is clear and should be a cake-walk.

I arrive downtown and check out the area stealth-like. The thugs don’t have a care in the world, they are just hopped up off of the drug and could care less about the world around them.

I throw a rock and one thug goes to check it out. His mistake as he is now isolated from the other thugs. BAM-BAM! The thug goes flying back, his torso hitting the building near him. You can hear the excruciating pain. One thug down, one to go.

Knowing that this thug was a stroll in the park, I run into a group of two thugs, guns blazing! Pa-Pa-Pa! one thug flinches while the other ducks behind a car, he takes aim and fires but is a bad shot and the bullet flies by overhead. I don’t appreciate it much and am dual wielding. My left arm points at one thug, the right, another. I let the guns fire off with precise aim, no screams, nothing. Just two bodies hitting the pavement.

Sergeant Hicks was my next stop, and he wanted me to put four more thugs out of commission.

Off I went.

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