Alvoxcon CK-220 / UM-220, DUAL UHF Dynamic Handheld mic – Review!

Hello everyone! We’re here with a Review of Alvoxcon’s Dual UHF Dynamic Mic, Model # CK-220 / UM-220. We put it through its paces, click ahead and enjoy our review!

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  • OUTSTANDING SOUND & STABLE PERFORMANCE – Crystal clear sound & solid build wireless unidirectional mica with rechargeable receiver working range up to 30M (100ft) with stable wireless transmission
  • FULL COMPATABILITY- The 1/4 inch plug wireless receiver with included adapters allows the two microphones to work with any sound device equipped with ‘MIC IN’ input jack, such as iPhone, iPad, laptop, PC, DJ controller, active speaker, camera, computer, karaoke machine, PA, amplifier, mixer, etc.
  • MULTI APPLICATIONS – 1 receiver with 2 microphones, Ideal for home karaoke, classroom activities, church, wedding host, bus, voice projection, outdoor or on stage performance, enjoy your charming voice with this dynamic wireless mica
  • MULTI SELECTABLE FREQUENCIES – The wireless mica system is preset with 20 selectable UHF frequencies (902-928Mhz), less prone to interference and low distortion, thus to use its best performance
  • EASY SETUP & OPERATE – Plug and Play, cable-free, frequency automatic pairing, AA battery powered handheld mica and rechargeable mini receiver makes it portable, versatile and easy to use

Upon opening the product’s box you can feel the quality of the item. It is very well packaged with everything tightly set as it should be. Nothing is just thrown together here, it comes smartly packaged.

The CK-220 comes with two wireless microphones, a four pack of double A batteries, A usb wire to connect the wireless dongle, a male to two female connector, A dongle that connects the mics wirelessly, and a connector to fit the wireless dongle into your PC. Everything has a sturdy feeling to it, even the plastic pieces.

There are two important things that you should know about the Alvoxon CK-220, one is that you should invest in rechargeable batteries as regular batteries last only a few hours. Second, a Wind Screen is highly recommended and that goes for every mic, a windscreen just helps everything sound better, period. You can pick one up from Amazon for under ten dollars. Here’s a link for one but you can probably find it cheaper with more searching:

The microphones themselves feel like a light metal, almost like a soft plastic feeling but it doesn’t come across as cheap. It feels light, and something you can hold on for hours on end. There is an LCD screen on them that shows a frequency. Just a tip, you can use both Mics included in the package on one receiver, perfect for events, and podcasting.

To change the frequency you hold in the power button and the numbers start to flash, after with every click your frequency changes along with its channel, for a total of twenty channels, you can be sure to find one to your liking.

Plugging everything in worked right out of the box, there was no need to install drivers, it was plug and play, the way it should be.

Here is a sound sample of the Alvoxcon Mic. First plays your standard headset mic and then the CK-220 plays. As you can hear it really shines and has great sound. The Alvoxcon sounds pretty clear and would make a great companion to live streaming, podcasts or projects you may be creating.

Here is the Headset and Alvoxcon Mic audio comparison video:

I liked the build quality, and especially the sound. This is a great product for people on a budget, it also rivals big named companies Mic’s as well proving that you do not need to be a big corporation to have a quality product out there.

With all said and done, I am very happy with the product and it serves my needs exactly. I can whole heartedly recommend this Mic to anyone wanting to upload videos to youtube or podcasting. It’s a budget price without the budget feel.

I liked the build quality, and especially the sound. This is a great product for people on a budget, it also rivals big name compan Mic’s as well proving that you do not need to be a big corporation to have a quality product out there.

Thank You for reading and have a great day!

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