#3 – Earthbound Playthrough – Two Steppin’ in Twoson!

#3 – Earthbound Playthrough – Two Steppin’ in Twoson!

There I was, on the territorial land line of Twoson, which was south of Onett and with Threed Bordering it. My quest to collect the remaining seven sound melodies continued.

I was exhausted, the first thing I decided to do was hit up the closest hotel. I had a dream, a girl named Skye (Paula) was calling out for me. I don’t know how long I slept for but my mission was clear, I needed to find this girl named Skye before I can continue my quest. This person must be who Buzz Buzz was talking about.

I talked to everyone in town and gained some knowledge, apparently Skye was very popular in Twoson, her mother ran an orphanage and Skye helped take care of children. All of the children I spoke to had nothing but good things to say about her.

Something was wrong, it seems that Skye was kidnapped and no one knows by who. I had some leads that would lead me to the nearby Happy Happy Village. While in Twoson I saw a popular band ‘The Runaway Five’ All of their show tickets were sold out though and they had a huge debt with the local owner of the building they were supposed to sing at.

I explored some more, I came across two inventors that needed funding and I was glad to do it, one inventor even asked for food. I helped them out and they gave me items in return. The local park had multiple town vendors selling everything, from food to items.

As I got to the end someone named Everdred popped out and started a fight with me for no reason. After beating him he gave me a tip on where to find Skye (Paula) I followed the lead and traversed a small cave, I hit a roadblock though, it was a statue of a pencil. I made my way back to town.

Upon hitting town my phone receiver dinged, it was the inventor that I funded earlier. He told me he had an invention for me that would help. It was a pencil eraser. I met up with him, got the item and made my way back to the statue. I used the eraser and it worked like a charm. Until next time…

Earthbound continues to impress me as the game goes on. The standard tropes, at least most of them, don’t seem to apply here. Funding inventors, using a pencil eraser to erase a statue of a pencil. it’s strange stuff, and I appreciate all of it. This section of the game was just me running around and talking to everyone in sight. I didn’t mind doing it either as they all say interesting stuff. The Runaway five is cool too, I’m hoping I get to see a performance of them. Most likely. Here’s until next time!

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