The Votes are in, Super Mario RPG and Earthbound have been selected!

Since the votes were so close, just a single vote off, I have decided to try and play both RPGs. This will work to my benefit, If I get tired of playing one I could jump on the other.

I’ve actually beat Super Mario RPG when it first came out, I remember playing a rental all weekend, with Sentai Ranger bosses being a memorable stand out. I also remember playing Earthbound but not anything passed the first bully boss you face in Onett. I’ve completely spaced out the details of these games, so that’s a good thing.

The play write-ups will be formatted with how long the game session was and a rating of that particular session, one through ten. I’ll comment on how it went, what I’ve learned and other details, much like a mini-review.

Hopefully I can provide an entertaining article that these classics deserve. Off to the playing!

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