#1 – Retro RPG – Earthbound Playthrough- A first-time players encounter!

#1 – Retro RPG – Earthbound Playthrough- A first-time players encounter!

This is my first time playing Earthbound passed the initial sound stone. Here you will find my experiences with the so called RPG Classic.

Earthbound is an RPG loved by many people, it uses a modern day setting mixed with fantasy story elements to bring us an RPG not quite seen back in the day, and that still holds up today. I’ve always wanted to get in to the series and after much time, I’m doing it now.

From the start, you can tell this is going to be a strange / unique adventure. Some people say the graphics are bad and look like something the original Nintendo could pull off but I disagree. They are almost minimalistic and don’t look outdated at all.

I awaken to a meteor landing in the hills to the north of my house and decide to go check it out, police officers are all over the place, I make sure to talk to everyone I see, and come across a man called Lier X. Agerate. That shit gave me a laugh out loud chuckle something games rarely do, we are off to a good start already.

I get to the meteor site and find that it’s road blocked by the police. Along the way I meet up with my next door neighbor that is worried about his brother, he went to go check out the meteor but never came back. After searching for a while I decide to go back home and sleep it off.

In a night of deep sleep, I am soon awakened by hard-hitting knocks on my door, it’s my next door neighbor and he woke up the whole house. His brother still isn’t home and he’s asked me to go back to the meteor site. At the site, we find him along with an intergalactic space creature in the form of a fly. Let’s not let that fool you this fly is from ten years in the future and warns us of the impending doom and says I am the one to do it along with 3 other friends.

The fly joins me, Picky and Pocky, soon we are interrupted by an enemy known as Star Man. With the fly (Buzz Buzz) we make quick work of him. Buzz Buzz says I must go around and collect eight sound stone melodies in order to face and defeat the main evil being Giygas. We arrive at the brother’s house and I decide to talk to the parents. Just when I’m about to leave I talk to their Mom, and Buzz Buzz flies to close to her and she wacks him. Buzz Buzz is dead.

I return home, get some sleep and talk to everyone. My mom knows that I’m about to embark on a journey and sees me off. In Earthbound the telephone is used to see how much xp you have left before the next level, see how much money you have in the ATM, and to save it. You can also use it to get in touch with your family. Off I go into the wonderful town of Onett.

After a little while of surveying the land, I know that the Mayor has a major problem on his hands, there are animals attacking people and the local gang is going wild. I decide to take care of the gang for him and go see the Mayor. He thanks me and gives me the key to the next area, the giant step where one of the eight melodies is located. That’s where I stopped playing.

Right from the start, Earthbound hit a right chord with me. I love customization in games and having to name all of your friends, pet, favorite food and thing from the get-go was great. I love how they utilize them as well. Although I’m still not at classic status, I am enjoying my time with the game. Here’s to the next session!

Session: About 2 Hours

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